Tuesday, June 16, 2015

{room switches}

I decided to move the kids rooms around on the first day of summer. Because I'm a crazy person. But really it's been a long time coming. My middle two have been sharing a room for quite a while and not only do they bump heads a lot but Brynn was constantly waking Luke up way too early. That and the fact that my almost 8 year old boy needs to have his own room. So, I decided my two early risers could start sharing a room. It's been interesting so far but I think they'll get the hang of it and Luke is sleeping in so that's awesome! Just thought I'd share their new rooms for fun. It's tricky decorating on a tight budget sometimes but I am happy with the way they look and will add pieces as I can. 

First up, Brynn and Adelynn's room. Eventually the crib will go but she doesn't seem to mind and still can't climb out so I'm okay leaving her in there. Brynn started climbing out at 18 months so Addie's non monkey skills are a treat.

Their collage wall. The bright colors mixed with the white make me happy.

Now Peyton's room. It's light, bright and cheery which isn't bad for a daylight basement room. She made and hung the sweet butterflies above her bed.

I have plans to paint..oh..like 10 pieces of furniture in our house. We'll see if that ever happens. I'd love to paint this dresser a fun blue.

Luke's room. He definitely wanted black, gray and red. Wouldn't go for any patterned curtains or bedding. Gone are the days where my opinion of room decor is stronger than his. I really wanted to incorporate some random pieces and he was okay with that. The CocaCola tray became the perfect place for some of his baseball cards. 

I used this black crate as a night stand and you may not be able to tell but his poor lego displayer I made keeps falling apart :( I plan to add more treasures to his gallery wall. He just had to have an arrow and the baseball/football/basketball sketch I drew for him over a year ago is finally cool after I painted over the pencil and added some gray :) 

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