Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{fun sign}

I made a fun sign for my friend's nursery recently and thought I would share.

All of my supplies.
Screws, drill bit, screwdriver bit and drill {one of my favorite tools} and finally wood glue.

I applied wood glue to each piece of wood to hold the fence boards together. Then weighed them down over night, using various objects from my pantry since none of my clamps were large enough :)

Everything is secure!

Next step was to paint the boards and without thinking, I grabbed some of the paint my friend had given me for the project. Thinking it was the ivory color I was going to use, I painted the whole thing. Once it dried, I realized it was the very pale yellow she gave me. Oops. 

So, I sanded it again. Not sure what I would do without my sander. :)

 And applied the correct color. 

I think it turned out quite lovely for this sweet nursery. I did the signs above the crib as well. It is always very fun for me to create items and then see them in the room they were intended for.

 photo Untitled1111_zpsb3c7f4e9.png