Friday, February 27, 2015

{reading bench makeover}

We have this little bench in the corner of our living room, next to the fireplace. When we moved in, the bench was covered with some ugly cream colored fabric that had started looking more urine color from not being changed out for probably 50 years. My friend/neighbor had some fabric she wasn't using so I quickly changed it out. Although the chocolate brown was much better than the cream, I had always intended to redo it with a fun pattern and here I am finally getting around to it, 4 years later. I always pictured the bench being used by my kids for reading since I loved that kind of thing when I was young but it quickly became my son's "Lego bench." After a year or more of having Legos scattered around that corner of the living room and now having new pretty fabric, I evicted my son and his Legos to the basement. Now it can be the reading bench I always wanted it to be, while looking much better than the original! {which you'll see at the bottom of this post and please excuse the really poor picture quality}

The brown fabric

Ready to staple on the new!


It makes me happy!

Here's the before. Just a sad, sad area. For so many reasons.

Here's what it looks like now. Much. Better.

Happy Make-over-ing!!!

 photo Untitled1111_zpsb3c7f4e9.png

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