Thursday, February 19, 2015

{mini kitchen makeover}

One of the rooms in this house that I have always struggled to decorate is the kitchen. I think it's because this house is a rental so I can't change all the things I wish I could and I've had a hard time working with what I have.{because unlike other rooms in a house, you can't just paint over the ugly that sometimes exists in old kitchens and bathrooms!} But after becoming addicted to the show Fixer Upper and falling in love with Chip and Joanna, I had a light bulb moment today when I realized the colors I've been trying to use in there don't compliment the things I can't change about the space. {just for dreaming sake, these are the things I would change if this was our house and I had $40,000...floors, cabinets, counter tops, backsplash and most of the appliances. Oh, and I would rip out a wall and put in an island..sigh} 

I have been wanting to brighten up our entire house for some time. I have disliked our entry and halls and want to repaint them a light and bright color. I have wanted to paint all of the interior doors white and all of the trim..but it's really hard to put a lot of time and money into a house we don't own. So I have to learn to work with the space as it is. {but I will get around to repainting the entry way walls!}

Chip and Joanna have a gorgeous home and if you haven't seen it you should check it out here. It's bright and airy and beautiful. Looking through their house inspired me to brighten up my kitchen and I quickly realized the colors that I was digging the most were whites and blues. So I put away a couple of things and collected some items from around the house. I'm still tweaking things and make sure you finish reading this post before you look at the Gain's house because it's not fair to compare the two. :} They are living my dream and have the money to make their house whatever they want. But ultimately I'm happy with what I have changed so far and feel the changes I have made compliment the {ugly} things I can't change about my kitchen. 

{and in true Faith form, I didn't take before pictures because I didn't decide until half way through that I wanted to blog about this so you'll have to trust me that this looks better!}

First up and most important, a coffee station

One of my favorite things in my kitchen, in honor of my favorite show, Parenthood. {thanks to my sister Bekah for the mug}

I SO wish I had a before of this corner. It's normally "that place" that everyone {including me} dumps their stuff and it's also homework corner for all of the kids school work but that is now tucked nicely into the drawer

Love the white in this old tool box and it's perfect with the {ahem..wrinkled} new table cloth I got. It will be REALLY great on top of a runner on top of my future farmhouse table that my husband is going to some day build me {hint, hint}

Next up, I need to pick out fabric for my Aunt to make me curtains! The kitchen has ugly purple-y blinds that I have been dying to cover since we moved in. I am leaning toward a fun pattern in gray or possibly blue. And I'm REALLY leaning toward the arrows!

I'm currently working on a sign to go above our table and I'll post a picture when I'm done!

Let me know what you think in a comment below!

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