Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{i've been busy!}

I have totally neglected this blog! The last half of the summer was really busy and when we weren't busy, we were just trying to survive until school started. Just keeping it real :) Now that Fall has begun, {despite what the weather says} my crafty side is in full swing!! I'm working on painting a bed frame for our youngest {and when I say working on...I mean I've sanded it and now it sits in our garage waiting to be painted;} I've been redoing some things in my house and I've been making many many signs! I'm loving it and I so appreciate all of the orders I have had. In two weeks, I have made 16 signs and I have 8 more currently on my order sheet. This is very exciting to me. I know this may not sound like much to some people but it's a big deal to me. It's something I love to do and I get to make some money on the side which is a great blessing for our family. I hope to expand my little side business...{maybe even name it?!} and possibly get an online store some day. Right now with one child still at home, one in half day kindergarten and two in full day school, this is the perfect amount of business for me. But in a few years when they're all in FULL day school, I hope this really takes off and maybe I can even start doing in home consulting and decorating...oh, the possibilities! :) This really is a huge blessing to me as I have no desire to have a 9-5 job again. This would allow me to still stay home and care for my home and family but help out financially so I really pray this is the path God wants me on! Okay, enough about my future are some pictures of a few of the projects I've been working on even though most of you have seen them on Facebook :)

I have been acquiring white treasures for some time now which started with the feminine/lacey/fun items I found at IKEA a couple years ago. A couple months ago I started an all white mantel which I loved but yesterday I tried adding some items I got from Grandma and it was a little too much so I tried them all out on my favorite bookcase. I hope to find a beautiful hutch some day and move them all in to that but for now this is where they will reside.

A fun sign I made for a high school friend for her new kitchen. 

A laundry sign for the same friend. My new favorite sign color!

A kitchen sign for my sister in law's mother in law. Is that confusing?

Love the gray signs

Lots of laundry signs...they go fast!

For an in home library

This was a fun project. The recipient of this sign actually won it! I had to put this project off until fall because I had never made a sign like this and I couldn't wrap my brain around with all 4 kids home so the winner graciously gave me time :) I want to make myself one now! 

I made myself this sign for my front porch. Sometimes in the hustle of making other people signs, I realize I need something too! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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