Sunday, August 3, 2014

{addie & brynn's birthday bash}

There are several reasons this birthday party made me happy. 1. I combined 2 birthdays which means less work for me {not that doing things for my kids is something I don't enjoy but let's be planning and throwing is a LOT of work!..but I'm more than happy to do it!} 2. I combined family and a few friends which kills two birds with one stone {what a morbid analogy} and 3. I didn't bake a single. thing. which really makes me giddy because baking and prepping food for a party can really stress me out. {I'm *horrible* at baking} 

My lack of baking talent is what brought me to the cream! No baking involved. So I got on Pinterest to get inspired. You may remember this post from a couple weeks ago where I talked about parties and Pinterest. I happened to get a lot of good ideas this time and used several pictures to inspire me...more than I have with any other party. However, I put my own twist on these ideas and came up with a few of my own. :) 

So here are the pictures I was inspired by, followed by my own version. {and in comparing these pictures, I'm realizing that my phone actually takes better pictures than my camera so I may just start using it all the time...the pictures I got are not that great}

Pinterest Inspiration #1

Obviously my version looks very different but what inspired me was putting the pictures on the boards. My husband said "most people would just hang pictures on the wall!" :} The wood adds texture! 

Pinterest Inspiration #2

This picture inspired the ice cream idea! Scoop the ice cream into mason jars before the party so your guests can grab a jar and add their toppings! No mess during the party! Genius! And I'll use any excuse to use my cute blue jars :} This idea was a hit. I should have taken a closer picture but you can see the mason jars in the big bucket of ice down below.

Pinterest Inspiration #3

This picture gave me the idea of what to write on my chalkboard and to use my PEPSI tray! I was also planning to use fresh flowers because I think they add so much but I forgot :{ I love that pitcher too!

This picture is terribly back lit but this is how I used my tray. I love all the uses I get out of this thing!

Pinterest Inspiration #4

I read an article recently about the many ways kids act entitled these days. One example was that they expect goody bags at every party they go to. Here they are going to someone else's party, celebrating them and they expect a gift?! I realized it is a rather strange concept and decided I probably wouldn't do goody bags anymore...until I saw these adorable ice cream cone bags on Pinterest! {ha!} and thanks to Dollar Tree and 60% off sales at Michael's, I spent less than $2 on each bag! We had the actual bags and I made the ice cream cones out of scrap paper I have so all of that was free!

Originally I was going to have a fruit tray, veggie and hummus tray, and a couple dips but I decided to keep things simple {and cheap!!} and have an assortment of Brynn and Addie's favorite snacks! It was so easy! I made a few batches of Whirley Pop, got 2 kinds of pretzels, gold fish and cheez its and my mom brought watermelon. I know the kids were happy :}

 Yummy toppings. the kids really enjoyed these! {as did I!} I had originally planned to use small antique dishes to hold the toppings but I took this antique wooden tool box down from my mantel to make room for other stuff and thought I should use it and then realized my old root beer glasses from my grandma{which I LOVE} would work perfectly for toppings! I made the labels out of scrap paper, which matched the pennant banner in the living room.

A feminine little sign I made for the snack table. It's all in the details :}

Happy Party Planning!

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