Monday, July 14, 2014

{birthday fun}

Three of my four kids have birthdays coming up. July 30, August 6 and September 2. It can feel a little overwhelming to think of themes, carry those themes out and host 3 parties all within 35 days of each other. So I decided while they're still too young to care, I will combine Brynn and Adelynn's birthdays and do one party for them. Yesterday I started thinking about a theme for the party and it got me thinking about Pinterest. Now, before I continue let me just say that I do enjoy Pinterest. Maybe not as much as the next guy but I do think it's fun. I think it's a good place for inspiration and ideas. What I don't like about it is the pressure that comes along with it. People pin great things but then put too much pressure on themselves to make these pictures come to life and when they can't, they feel like failures. I believe God gives us each our own individual talents for a reason and I think Pinterest and other websites like it have gotten people thinking they should be talented in every possible way. If we all had the same talents, what a boring world we would live in, right?! 

I happen to really REALLY enjoy throwing parties for my kids but it's mostly for the decorating part of it. I don't enjoy, as much, baking cakes or cupcakes and I have learned to accept that this is just not an area I'm talented in. So instead of feeling defeated by that, I have chosen to bake {boxed} cakes and frost them in a very simple way and then dress them up with something I CAN do..creations using scrapbook paper! This takes the pressure off of me and lowers my expectations when I see these amazing hand made cakes on Pinterest.

I have successfully thrown at least 20 parties for my kids over the years and about 18 of those happened before I even knew what Pinterest was. So I would just like to say that you can throw a party all inspired by your own brain without the assistance of the internet :) And I personally think it's more rewarding to come up with my own ideas anyway. Hopefully this will give someone a big sigh of relief. If you aren't good at baking cakes, thinking of a theme or carrying it out...don't let the pressure of Pinterest make you feel like a bad mom. We all know kids go gaga for empty gift bags and balloons anyway and that doesn't take any talent. So just blow up a bunch of colorful balloons, decorate with empty bags {kidding}, buy a cake if you have to and your child will be happy happy happy!!!

I thought it would be fun to share a taste of my kid's parties over the years so here are a few lot of pictures. Enjoy.

Brynn's First birthday. Backyard bird/nest theme. 

Luke's third birthday. Transportation theme.

I made little roadways out of construction paper and made different forms of transportation, again out of construction paper. 

It's hard to see because this is on a mirror but I made a mini collage of pictures of Luke.

Here's an example of a simple cake, dressed up with paper :)

Addie's first birthday. Possibly one of my favorites. Bright color theme.

I did get this idea from Pinterest :) All about Addie.

Get creative with things you have in the house! I only have one cake platter so I made another one by turning this fun bowl upside down and using my every dishes for the rest, putting her cupcake on a pedestal using a mason jar.

I also suggest making things you can reuse. I made this striped runner {by cutting fabric} and I later made some place mats out of this fabric and burlap and they're great for birthday parties, Christmas, Valentines Day and 4th of July!

Brynn's fourth birthday. Circus theme.

Little gift boxes with pencils, candy, popcorn and a few other little things buried inside.

And see, I'm using the runner again!

Ice cream sundaes!

Luke's first birthday. Sports theme.

Peyton's 9th birthday. CHOCOLATE theme. 

{The girl goes coocoo for chocolate}

The girls each got to make their own sundaes and wow..did they go crazy!

Happy Party Planning!!

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  1. I love all the party themes you've come up with over the years. You're so creative and I love that you emphasize what's important to you! and make your children feel special in the process... -Bekah

  2. Love all your pics and ideas!
    I do love to bake but for the birthday celebrations, I usually purchase cakes for convenience. Pinterest can definitely be overwhelming...we just cannot let it be! -Annie

    1. I agree! We can't let it :) thanks annie!

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