Thursday, June 19, 2014

{is a bookcase really just for books?}

Bookcases are for books, right? Well, I happen to disagree...for the most part. I realize some of you own 10 times the amount of books we own and only have so many places to put them so don't take this post personally if that's you :} We happen to have a built in bookcase in the play room that we use for books and movies and I use the bookcase in the living room as more of a display. 

Here's my bookcase styled to look like a functional bookcase.
{beautiful bookcase hand crafted by my amazingly talented dad}

Here's the blank slate.

Here's how I would start from scratch. I would collect items from around my house {or maybe buy a few fun things?!} that I want to display, along with some hard back books and I would remove the covers because I personally like the look of "naked" books. Then I would place larger items as sort of anchors for each shelf, keeping in mind that I'll probably move a few things around as I go.

Then I would continue to add smaller items for styling. Once I saw this set up below, I realized either the yellow bowl or the yellow frame needed to be moved. I like to stagger things that are alike in color, shape or texture. For example, I wouldn't put the red books above the blue and black books that are in the basket. Or I wouldn't put the yellow frame above the black frame, etc. So I always keep this in mind. 

Here is the finished bookcase. Colors, shapes and textures are all staggered throughout the shelves keeping it balanced and more appealing to the eye. You may also notice that I have larger items as opposed to small items. I am somewhat of a minimalist and too many small items can feel cluttered to me but you use whatever you personally like to look at. That is very different for everyone.

 And that's how I would use a bookcase! Hope this inspires you to take a look at your own bookcases and maybe change some things up!

Happy Arranging!

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