Thursday, June 19, 2014

{is a bookcase really just for books?}

Bookcases are for books, right? Well, I happen to disagree...for the most part. I realize some of you own 10 times the amount of books we own and only have so many places to put them so don't take this post personally if that's you :} We happen to have a built in bookcase in the play room that we use for books and movies and I use the bookcase in the living room as more of a display. 

Here's my bookcase styled to look like a functional bookcase.
{beautiful bookcase hand crafted by my amazingly talented dad}

Here's the blank slate.

Here's how I would start from scratch. I would collect items from around my house {or maybe buy a few fun things?!} that I want to display, along with some hard back books and I would remove the covers because I personally like the look of "naked" books. Then I would place larger items as sort of anchors for each shelf, keeping in mind that I'll probably move a few things around as I go.

Then I would continue to add smaller items for styling. Once I saw this set up below, I realized either the yellow bowl or the yellow frame needed to be moved. I like to stagger things that are alike in color, shape or texture. For example, I wouldn't put the red books above the blue and black books that are in the basket. Or I wouldn't put the yellow frame above the black frame, etc. So I always keep this in mind. 

Here is the finished bookcase. Colors, shapes and textures are all staggered throughout the shelves keeping it balanced and more appealing to the eye. You may also notice that I have larger items as opposed to small items. I am somewhat of a minimalist and too many small items can feel cluttered to me but you use whatever you personally like to look at. That is very different for everyone.

 And that's how I would use a bookcase! Hope this inspires you to take a look at your own bookcases and maybe change some things up!

Happy Arranging!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

{amazing transformation}

I am SO excited to showcase my first guest post! And what better people to start with than my sister and brother in law. They just completed an amazing kitchen renovation in their new home! I'll start by sharing some details about the plan for the kitchen and let the pictures do most of the talking!

Their home was built in 1910 but lost a lot of the original charm due to a previous remodel. Their goal was to blend vintage and modern elements to give the kitchen an updated look. They wanted a bright and airy atmosphere so they decided on an all white kitchen and no upper cabinets. They knew they wanted subway tile so Natalie started looking at kitchens on Pinterest that incorporated subway tile in their designs. They were planning on doing butcher block counters but decided on concrete instead and they love them so far! They went with mostly drawers instead of lower cabinets for convenience and style. Natalie loves the visual lines they create. 

A fun surprise that was uncovered during demo was finding the back of the chimney in the corner wall. They chose to keep the brick exposed adding texture and a bit of balance to all the white. They also appreciate the visual reminder of the house's history. 

Here is the kitchen before! Lovely, right? ;)
The entire kitchen needed to be gutted (including 3 layers of old flooring)

This is after the cabinets had been you can see, everything was filthy.

Chadwick (brother in law on the right) and Bryan (hubby) doing the demolition

 This wall is shared by a bathroom on the other side and was removed to get rid of the left section of the wall, along with some cabinets that were in the bathroom.

View from inside the bathroom

Exposed brick mentioned above

The small doorway here was opened up to have a more open floor plan into the living room. See above for the before.

Some cute vintage wall paper that was found hidden in the walls.

Subway back splash is in! {my dream back splash!}

Porcelain floor tiles are in! And cabinetry is being installed. Other steps in the process include: pouring and sealing concrete counters, new electrical, painting, hooking up plumbing, installing appliances and trim work. The entire remodel took 3 1/2 weeks to complete.

BEAUTIFUL! Here are a couple details.. IKEA double farmhouse sink and all lighting from Joss & Main.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Chadwick's first time cooking in the new kitchen.

View from the open doorway {and my adorable niece, Iris}

Natalie really wanted open shelving to display their dishes. A vintage set from the 50's belonging to her grandmother. How perfect and lovely is that?!

I just love everything about their design and all the beautiful craftsmanship of Rip City Construction. What do YOU love about this kitchen renovation? Comment below and show Natalie and Chadwick some love for this amazing transformation!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

{luke's $15 room makeover}

I was trying to avoid a themed room but it's pretty much become a baseball room :) Luckily I can easily change and add things because nothing is permanently baseball...who knows what he'll like in 6 months! goal with this make over was to SAVE MONEY! And I accomplished that goal. I have only spent $15 {on the paint}!! And the only other thing I need are knobs for the dresser as mentioned in the previous post. 

Here's my favorite part of the room. I love chalkboards because I love that we can change what it says whenever we want or I can leave it blank and give him some chalk to play around with it! The chalkboard was a great purchase I made for FREE in my husband's man cave! I'm very happy with the way the bat looks as well...another free purchase from the man cave {that place is a treasure trove} and thanks to Pinterest I figured out how to hang it, I think it completes the chalkboard! The blue bedspread was FREE thanks to an awesome "free cycle" page my church has on Facebook. I posted that I was looking for a full size quilt {thinking the chances of me getting one were slim but thought I'd give it a shot} and later that day someone {thanks, Ann} posted that they had one! It's in great shape and it's reversible! Score! 

I couldn't decide if I should write "batter" or "batta" but I'm happy with the way it looks and love that it's not permanent so I can mess up a lot!

A few of Luke's favorite things: baseball, Legos and Where's Waldo books.

This was a nostalgic mama moment. Luke doesn't play with his cars anymore. Sniff. Sniff. He played with his beloved cars for over 4 years..all day long. Drove them around the couch and floor and walls...made all kinds of car noises...oh, I can just hear his little 2 year old self. Sigh. So I found this jar...where else but the man cave...and filled it with all the cars I could find scattered around the play room. 

I cut this picture out of one of Bryan's magazines {and later asked him if the Dodgers were an okay team to represent in Luke's room :} and stuck it in a frame I already had.

I don't know if you can tell but I decided to paint the hat hanger to match the dresser and I sanded it a little. I also forgot to add that I have not been able to decide if I should paint the head board or not! It's been my dad's since about 1960 so the nostalgic part of me wants to leave it but the creative side of me wants to paint it and maybe add a fun wall paper to the back of the open shelf part!! Wouldn't that be cute?? {And I did get my dad's blessing to paint it but in still torn!}

And lastly the dresser but I already talked about that here

I had a lot of fun re purposing and working on his room. The girls outnumber the boys in this house so it's fun to focus on my boy!

Happy Re-decorating!

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{luke's dresser}

I've been wanting to paint this dresser for some time now and moving Luke into his own room was just the motivation I needed! I grabbed a few paint chips at Home Depot and quickly settled on Behr's "Anonymous"

Here's the before {sans the knobs}

After one coat

Painting done!

Today I stenciled the numbers in a navy blue and I still can't decide if I'm going to distress it or not. For now I will leave it but I'm leaning toward getting my sander out! I still can't find the right knobs without blowing a lot of money...why are knobs so spendy?!

Happy painting!

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