Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{thinking outside the box, or the crate}

I like to use containers, boxes, crates, etc. in unique ways. I'm always looking to move things around in my home and use things for different purposes than they were created for. My husband had an old PEPSI crate in his man cave and it was just holding dust and random things in it so I "stole" it {thanks, babe} and found a job for it in my kitchen! It's so fun to have some pieces in my kitchen that add character. 

Here is what I am currently using it for. My little coffee station! It's nice to have this out on the counter and within reach but all contained to one area. Plus it looks cute!

And I'm already looking forward to using it to hold drinks this summer for birthday parties and BBQ's! {I told you I love mason jars:}

Here are some other fun uses I found online.

A little wine tray!

An outdoor drink cart for gatherings with friends. 

And storage for your cookbooks!

I love this idea too, but unfortunately my thumbs are not green. But for those of you that love to garden, isn't this a fun idea?!

Another item I love is my SKURAR candle holder from IKEA. I actually have three of them and could easily accumulate 10 more. They are beautiful and feminine and I just love the look of them. You can use them for candles or plants/flowers like in this picture to the right. It adds a beautiful touch back there. {I know it's a little hidden, I just thought this was so pretty :} OR you can think outside the box a little and come up with other uses. 

I am currently using my largest one to hold my wooden spoons. I love how the wood and the dainty white look together! Practical AND pretty.

 Here someone used it for their make up brushes. You could do the same with paint brushes, pens and pencils, etc. 

I love this! Someone made a hanging light fixture! I would love this in a bathroom, kid's room or above my night stand. I may be searching Pinterest for the how to :)

 I use my smallest container for q-tips in the bathroom. Nothing life changing about this but again practical and pretty! {and of course another mason jar..this one is a real antique that belonged to my grandpa!}

Not that I have a wedding to plan for but I thought this was quite beautiful too!

What would you do with these items? What items do you have in your home that you use in unique ways? Comment below to inspire others! 

Happy Re-purposing!

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  1. Cute! I have lots of jars with fun stuff in them :) Some of my favorite décor in my house!

  2. I am a big fan of jars and containers too! Cute ideas, Faith! I want one of everything ;)

  3. So happy to see that you are putting Dad's jars to would make him happy! Thanks for sharing your ideas! xoxox

    1. I love my jars and it's so sweet to have little pieces throughout my house <3 thanks becky!

    2. *pieces of him I mean :)