Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{i heart mantels}

I always wanted a mantel when I dreamed about houses. Our first three homes didn't have one so I was so excited to finally have one in our current home. There's something so fun about having and decorating a mantel. I love changing it up every couple months {or days sometimes} and especially love decorating it for Christmas. But it can also be very difficult to find the right look and I'm limited because my mantel is not very deep so it makes for a very narrow work surface but I make it work. I have definitely improved in the area of mantel decorating. During my rookie days, my mantel looked pretty sad. Below you will find a few pictures of the evolution of my mantel. It's pretty sad in the beginning and unfortunately I can't find pictures of some of my favorite stylings I've done but this will give you an idea and maybe some inspiration to style your own mantel. 

See? Sad. Ugly. Not only is the paneling ugly..which we have painted since..but it's also lacking a lot. Color, texture and it's too bare. But like I said in a previous post, I have gotten a lot more adventurous in my styling. I used to play it too safe. 

A little better {ignore the fireplace, we took the ugly brassy front off and I was still cleaning the inside} but still lacking a lot of character. 

Improvement. The paint really brightened the space up and as you can see I added some color and some texture with the plant and basket.

A couple months ago I bought new curtains removing orange and green from my living room. I now have different shades of blue, red and yellow. Here is my current mantel. I recently decided to edit things so this is much more simple than I've done in a while but I like it. My beautiful candlesticks I bought from a friend at Picked Home Designs. I copied that quote from a mantel I saw on Pinterest {see below} and printed it on my computer. Easy peasy and free. Love my Craft Warehouse clock and the mason jars are in an old tool box my dad picked up a while back. I decided several months ago that the mirror looked a little boring so I made this banner out of burlap. I think it adds a little more character.

So, much like my post {basics on styling} you want to go for color, texture and dimension. A mantel should show case things you love. I normally have mine covered in pictures of my family but decided to go a different route this time and show objects and colors I love. But don't worry, I love my family more! I think it looks best to have one larger piece as your anchor for the rest and then accent and layer with smaller pieces. 

This is the mantel I mentioned above. I love it.  I wouldn't edit this at all. 

Here's another mantel I pinned. I would edit a couple things but I LOVE the mirror, the antique fan, the tile, the galvanized pitcher {which happens to have my favorite number on it!} and the mantel itself. If it were my mantel I would leave the mirror, fan and candles and I would take off the small items and replace the stack of books with a colored frame or piece of art that I would lean against the mirror for a layered look.

 And just for fun, I added a picture from last Christmas. Because like I said, I like decorating it for the holidays :) 

 I hope you get some inspiration from these pictures. Happy Decorating!

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  1. I love mantels as well. My "mantel" in our current home is a sideboard in our living room that holds the dishes. It is also the area that collects the most clutter so we need to work on that. I'm enjoying your blog and am inspired to add some color and texture to my home. {I tend to be a bit boring} Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting Heather! Glad you enjoy my blog!!