Friday, May 30, 2014

{10 minute hat rack}

I am doing little make overs in the big kid's rooms since I moved them around. Luke now has his own room and with his love of baseball these days, I decided to add some vintage-y baseball touches without making it overwhelmingly baseball themed since a. I don't do themes and b. he'll probably love basketball in 6 months! He has needed a place to put his hats for some time so today I threw together a hat rack in less than 10 minutes. So easy...any of you can do this! 

I started with an old board I had been wanting to use for something. Then I collected all of my supplies. My {husband's} trusty drill, some knobs I already had because the thought of packing 3 of my kids up to make a trip to Home Depot for hooks just seemed too daunting! A hat of course to see how far apart each knob needed to be and finally a tape measure.

I measured the length of the board to determine how many knobs could fit and I landed on 11 1/2 in apart since the hats are each about 10 inches long. I then measured the width of the board, placing the holes in the center.

Here's the hole in case you don't know what that looks like! HA!

I then attached each knob with the screwdriver bit. 

I got all 4 knobs on in a couple minutes.

I then attached my hanger to the back.

He loves it and I'm always a fan of a quick and easy project like this. The other nice thing is that if I get tired of hanging it vertically, I can just attach another hanger and make it horizontal. 

Happy easy project completing!

 photo Untitled1111_zpsb3c7f4e9.png


  1. Home run! Anytime you can make something useful and quickly it's a winner. Looks great Faith.

  2. I love this! I think Blake might need one of these... Thanks for the idea!

  3. Very clever and adorable! I love that the board you used isn't "perfect", but yet the finished product is total perfection!