Friday, May 30, 2014

{10 minute hat rack}

I am doing little make overs in the big kid's rooms since I moved them around. Luke now has his own room and with his love of baseball these days, I decided to add some vintage-y baseball touches without making it overwhelmingly baseball themed since a. I don't do themes and b. he'll probably love basketball in 6 months! He has needed a place to put his hats for some time so today I threw together a hat rack in less than 10 minutes. So easy...any of you can do this! 

I started with an old board I had been wanting to use for something. Then I collected all of my supplies. My {husband's} trusty drill, some knobs I already had because the thought of packing 3 of my kids up to make a trip to Home Depot for hooks just seemed too daunting! A hat of course to see how far apart each knob needed to be and finally a tape measure.

I measured the length of the board to determine how many knobs could fit and I landed on 11 1/2 in apart since the hats are each about 10 inches long. I then measured the width of the board, placing the holes in the center.

Here's the hole in case you don't know what that looks like! HA!

I then attached each knob with the screwdriver bit. 

I got all 4 knobs on in a couple minutes.

I then attached my hanger to the back.

He loves it and I'm always a fan of a quick and easy project like this. The other nice thing is that if I get tired of hanging it vertically, I can just attach another hanger and make it horizontal. 

Happy easy project completing!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{thinking outside the box, or the crate}

I like to use containers, boxes, crates, etc. in unique ways. I'm always looking to move things around in my home and use things for different purposes than they were created for. My husband had an old PEPSI crate in his man cave and it was just holding dust and random things in it so I "stole" it {thanks, babe} and found a job for it in my kitchen! It's so fun to have some pieces in my kitchen that add character. 

Here is what I am currently using it for. My little coffee station! It's nice to have this out on the counter and within reach but all contained to one area. Plus it looks cute!

And I'm already looking forward to using it to hold drinks this summer for birthday parties and BBQ's! {I told you I love mason jars:}

Here are some other fun uses I found online.

A little wine tray!

An outdoor drink cart for gatherings with friends. 

And storage for your cookbooks!

I love this idea too, but unfortunately my thumbs are not green. But for those of you that love to garden, isn't this a fun idea?!

Another item I love is my SKURAR candle holder from IKEA. I actually have three of them and could easily accumulate 10 more. They are beautiful and feminine and I just love the look of them. You can use them for candles or plants/flowers like in this picture to the right. It adds a beautiful touch back there. {I know it's a little hidden, I just thought this was so pretty :} OR you can think outside the box a little and come up with other uses. 

I am currently using my largest one to hold my wooden spoons. I love how the wood and the dainty white look together! Practical AND pretty.

 Here someone used it for their make up brushes. You could do the same with paint brushes, pens and pencils, etc. 

I love this! Someone made a hanging light fixture! I would love this in a bathroom, kid's room or above my night stand. I may be searching Pinterest for the how to :)

 I use my smallest container for q-tips in the bathroom. Nothing life changing about this but again practical and pretty! {and of course another mason jar..this one is a real antique that belonged to my grandpa!}

Not that I have a wedding to plan for but I thought this was quite beautiful too!

What would you do with these items? What items do you have in your home that you use in unique ways? Comment below to inspire others! 

Happy Re-purposing!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{i heart mantels}

I always wanted a mantel when I dreamed about houses. Our first three homes didn't have one so I was so excited to finally have one in our current home. There's something so fun about having and decorating a mantel. I love changing it up every couple months {or days sometimes} and especially love decorating it for Christmas. But it can also be very difficult to find the right look and I'm limited because my mantel is not very deep so it makes for a very narrow work surface but I make it work. I have definitely improved in the area of mantel decorating. During my rookie days, my mantel looked pretty sad. Below you will find a few pictures of the evolution of my mantel. It's pretty sad in the beginning and unfortunately I can't find pictures of some of my favorite stylings I've done but this will give you an idea and maybe some inspiration to style your own mantel. 

See? Sad. Ugly. Not only is the paneling ugly..which we have painted since..but it's also lacking a lot. Color, texture and it's too bare. But like I said in a previous post, I have gotten a lot more adventurous in my styling. I used to play it too safe. 

A little better {ignore the fireplace, we took the ugly brassy front off and I was still cleaning the inside} but still lacking a lot of character. 

Improvement. The paint really brightened the space up and as you can see I added some color and some texture with the plant and basket.

A couple months ago I bought new curtains removing orange and green from my living room. I now have different shades of blue, red and yellow. Here is my current mantel. I recently decided to edit things so this is much more simple than I've done in a while but I like it. My beautiful candlesticks I bought from a friend at Picked Home Designs. I copied that quote from a mantel I saw on Pinterest {see below} and printed it on my computer. Easy peasy and free. Love my Craft Warehouse clock and the mason jars are in an old tool box my dad picked up a while back. I decided several months ago that the mirror looked a little boring so I made this banner out of burlap. I think it adds a little more character.

So, much like my post {basics on styling} you want to go for color, texture and dimension. A mantel should show case things you love. I normally have mine covered in pictures of my family but decided to go a different route this time and show objects and colors I love. But don't worry, I love my family more! I think it looks best to have one larger piece as your anchor for the rest and then accent and layer with smaller pieces. 

This is the mantel I mentioned above. I love it.  I wouldn't edit this at all. 

Here's another mantel I pinned. I would edit a couple things but I LOVE the mirror, the antique fan, the tile, the galvanized pitcher {which happens to have my favorite number on it!} and the mantel itself. If it were my mantel I would leave the mirror, fan and candles and I would take off the small items and replace the stack of books with a colored frame or piece of art that I would lean against the mirror for a layered look.

 And just for fun, I added a picture from last Christmas. Because like I said, I like decorating it for the holidays :) 

 I hope you get some inspiration from these pictures. Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{need help hanging art?}

How many of you have a thousand nail holes all over your house from hanging art in the wrong place? Even an inch can throw things off. Currently the wall leading to our basement is covered with spots of nail filler that have been sanded, I just haven't gotten the paint out to cover all the hideous spots from my wall collage that used to reside there. Procrastination at it's finest. 

Before I start, I want to say that ultimately, you should hang art where you want to hang it. If you find a height that is pleasing to the adults in your home {kids don't care} then go with it even if it goes against this post. The general guidelines I follow appeal to my eye, they may not appeal to yours. Many designers say there are no rules when it comes to this so if you agree with that, you can stop reading or you can keep reading while mocking me..I'll never know! :) I hope to help those of you that really have no idea and would like some advice. And note that I used images I found online because I wasn't willing to make more holes in my own walls as I recently added a fresh coat of paint to my living room. 

Galleries and museums generally hang art so that the center of the piece is 57" from the floor which is the average human eye level height. I have never measured a piece exactly to make sure I follow this guideline but I almost always hang things at eye level, keeping in mind that my husband is about 8 inches taller than me. If a piece is too high, especially above furniture like a bed or couch, it can look like it's awkwardly floating somewhere in wall space. It can also give you an ache in your neck from straining to look at it. We don't want this. There are, I believe, some exceptions to this rule and I will talk about that in a minute. Right now I want to show you some examples of things hung too high. 

You'll notice on the left, they used a piece that is not only way too high, but it's also not the right scale. It's much too small. The picture on the right shows the right scale and height.

{click on pictures to enlarge}

Here is another example of art hung way too high. See how it's floating? There is far too much room between the top of the couch and the art. The general rule is 5-9" above large pieces of furniture or above the objects on a table or desk. 

This next picture is much better. The art is at the right height and you can see how it's a much better height than the picture above. Your furniture and art should look like one cohesive piece. Too high and it looks really disconnected. Get it?

Again, the piece above this bed is way too high. It's floating and looks so disconnected from the bed. 

Here are a couple of examples where this rule, to me, doesn't always apply. Hanging a piece {at the right scale} above a desk is one of them. This wouldn't work as well with a large desk. However, if you have a smaller, more dainty desk a picture at a lower height, maybe next to a lamp, could look quite charming. Like this:  

Isn't that cute? This also takes me back to my previous post about balance. I think this height works because the lamp balances it. If the lamp wasn't there, it would still look good but not as complete. 

Another exception would be hanging art next to a bed, above a nightstand. I think that can be a really great look and add some character to your side table. Hanging something like that at eye level could look really odd and not work with the headboard and any possible art you have above the bed. So, low works. Here's an example:

So there you have it, I hope this post is helpful! Comment below with any questions you may have!

Happy Decorating!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

{basics on styling}

First real post! Woohoo! I'm going to start with something really really simple. The basics on arranging items on a table top, shelf, bookcase, etc. In this case I'm going to use my cart that I simply adore. I'll try digging up before shots of the cart for another post! I am going to show you 4 ways to arrange things and tell you why the first 3 don't work as well. So let's check out the picture and I'll break it down. {and please ignore the messy blanket basket}

{click on the picture to enlarge}

So, starting with picture A, you may notice one thing out of place. I had this arrangement up for a couple days before I realized it was off balance. What sticks out to you? The black frame sticks out to me. It doesn't fit in front of the board because everything {other than the red} is pretty light in color and on the end there are two dark items so it makes the right side too heavy. So option A is a no go. 

For B, I wanted to show you what happens when you divide things by color or try and make both ends matchy, matchy. See how unbalanced that looks? The colors and textures should be intermixed to give it much more dimension. So say no to B. 

C may or may not be obvious to you. One thing that can be tricky about decorating a surface, is being able to find balance between one side and another. While you don't always have to have things perfectly the same, like a mirrored image {ie: matching vases or candlesticks on each end, the same frame next to that, the same candle next to the frame, etc. until everything meets in the middle} you do want to have...once again...balance. So if on one end of your surface you have a really tall lamp, you don't want the other end to have wimpy little candle holders. You need something on the other end, again..doesn't have to be a duplicate even things out. So as you can see in picture C, I have two tall items on the left and shorter items on the right. Doesn't it look off? Now one option you do have if you really like the tall items on one side, or maybe you only have one tall can always hang something on the other side instead of trying to come up with another tall piece. So I could move the wall hanging shown in the picture to the right and that could be my piece that gives it all harmony. {I had to use a thesaurus to come up with another word for balance! ha!} Just make sure you hang the piece at the right height. 

That leaves picture D. That's the one I landed on. There are probably about 30 more ways I could arrange these pieces so this definitely isn't the only option but this works the best, in my eyes out of the four options. You have balance on each end, layering of colors and textures. Staggering items gives dimension. And overall it just felt like the right combination to me {until I get bored and move things around}. 

And one last tip. When it comes to styling, less is usually more. That's my rule of thumb anyway. I have gotten more bold with my styling over the years but I still like things to look clean and edited. Arrange things the way you think you want them and then step back and see if anything needs to be tweaked or removed. Or look again in an hour. I sometimes change things up 10 times over the course of a couple days. Some people would put three items on this cart {I usually group things by 3..more on that later} some people would put 20 so ultimately it comes down to what you like visually. Just don't overwhelm a piece of furniture. Too many items will distract the eye from the things you really want to see. 

I really hope these tips can help you tackle any hard to decorate surfaces you have in your own home! Please comment below and feel free to ask any questions you have about this topic! Happy Decorating!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

{new adventure}

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! I had a really hard time thinking of a name and when I finally came up with one I loved, {Charming Simplicity} it was already taken. {sad face} But I am actually really glad it didn't work out because the name I am using actually has personal meaning to me. It is inspired by my oldest sister, Sarah. She used to write me letters from college and she would address them to Faithy Lane. My name is Faith Elaine and I always liked her little spin on it. If I'm ever one of those people that has a street name at the end of my driveway, I'll use that. But I won't ever be one of those people so never mind.

Here's a little bit about myself even though my very first followers will all be people that know me {hi mom!}. I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and without Him I would have nada. Second I am wife to Bryan. We have known each other for 23 years, {wow} together for almost 14 and married for almost 11. We have 4 amazing children. Peyton, Luke, Brynn and Adelynn. At the moment they are 9, 6, 4 and 22 months. I stay home full time with them, being a wife, mom and home maker.

I am passionate about decorating, designing, crafting, creating and painting. I have loved these things since I was young. I remember in high school, I would cut things out of magazines and make little dream notebooks. I actually still have one of them. I used to even write out detailed lists of things I would have in my home some day. I would describe, room by room, what each room would look like and what each room would have in it. When I played with legos, which I did often..what do you think I built? Houses! All. The. Time. Room by room, furniture and all and if I could have added paint and decor to the walls, I would have. I also loved to sketch the rooms in our house. I would draw and label each piece of furniture, each doorway, each closet. And finally, I rearrange{d}. It's what I do. Ask my family, I always rearranged my room growing up. I don't remember how old I was when I started doing this but I've been doing it for at least 25 years. Leaving things in one place is so boring to me, so predictable. I love putting a piece in the living room for a while and then changing it up and moving it to the kitchen or our bedroom. I love to have my couches face every which way over time. I can be having a really bad day and I'll feel inspired out of no where to be I rearrange my living room and I instantly feel better! I feel happy and accomplished! It's free therapy for me.

My hope with this blog is that I can help those of you that don't enjoy these things. I hope I can share some of the things I enjoy, give you some ideas, some inspiration, some tips and help you with any decorating dilemmas you have. Keep in mind that I will be sharing how I love to do things, which is going to look different for you in a lot of ways. One of the things I love about decorating is bringing your own personality and style into your home. So the colors and textures and designs I love may be the total opposite of what you love and that's what is so fun and unique about the world of decorating. But I hope when I do share tips and advice, you can take it and alter it to fit your own style and home. I would also like to say that I'm not a professional and have never had any formal training. I just believe God has blessed me with a passion and an eye for decorating and I'm happy to blog about it. So please don't sue me if you try something I suggest and you don't like it. I don't want to be held responsible for any creative failures! :)

Thank you for joining me on this new journey and please be patient with me as I figure out how I really want this blog to function. {And know in advance that I will change the look of it. Often.}