Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{i've been busy!}

I have totally neglected this blog! The last half of the summer was really busy and when we weren't busy, we were just trying to survive until school started. Just keeping it real :) Now that Fall has begun, {despite what the weather says} my crafty side is in full swing!! I'm working on painting a bed frame for our youngest {and when I say working on...I mean I've sanded it and now it sits in our garage waiting to be painted;} I've been redoing some things in my house and I've been making many many signs! I'm loving it and I so appreciate all of the orders I have had. In two weeks, I have made 16 signs and I have 8 more currently on my order sheet. This is very exciting to me. I know this may not sound like much to some people but it's a big deal to me. It's something I love to do and I get to make some money on the side which is a great blessing for our family. I hope to expand my little side business...{maybe even name it?!} and possibly get an online store some day. Right now with one child still at home, one in half day kindergarten and two in full day school, this is the perfect amount of business for me. But in a few years when they're all in FULL day school, I hope this really takes off and maybe I can even start doing in home consulting and decorating...oh, the possibilities! :) This really is a huge blessing to me as I have no desire to have a 9-5 job again. This would allow me to still stay home and care for my home and family but help out financially so I really pray this is the path God wants me on! Okay, enough about my future are some pictures of a few of the projects I've been working on even though most of you have seen them on Facebook :)

I have been acquiring white treasures for some time now which started with the feminine/lacey/fun items I found at IKEA a couple years ago. A couple months ago I started an all white mantel which I loved but yesterday I tried adding some items I got from Grandma and it was a little too much so I tried them all out on my favorite bookcase. I hope to find a beautiful hutch some day and move them all in to that but for now this is where they will reside.

A fun sign I made for a high school friend for her new kitchen. 

A laundry sign for the same friend. My new favorite sign color!

A kitchen sign for my sister in law's mother in law. Is that confusing?

Love the gray signs

Lots of laundry signs...they go fast!

For an in home library

This was a fun project. The recipient of this sign actually won it! I had to put this project off until fall because I had never made a sign like this and I couldn't wrap my brain around with all 4 kids home so the winner graciously gave me time :) I want to make myself one now! 

I made myself this sign for my front porch. Sometimes in the hustle of making other people signs, I realize I need something too! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

{addie & brynn's birthday bash}

There are several reasons this birthday party made me happy. 1. I combined 2 birthdays which means less work for me {not that doing things for my kids is something I don't enjoy but let's be planning and throwing is a LOT of work!..but I'm more than happy to do it!} 2. I combined family and a few friends which kills two birds with one stone {what a morbid analogy} and 3. I didn't bake a single. thing. which really makes me giddy because baking and prepping food for a party can really stress me out. {I'm *horrible* at baking} 

My lack of baking talent is what brought me to the cream! No baking involved. So I got on Pinterest to get inspired. You may remember this post from a couple weeks ago where I talked about parties and Pinterest. I happened to get a lot of good ideas this time and used several pictures to inspire me...more than I have with any other party. However, I put my own twist on these ideas and came up with a few of my own. :) 

So here are the pictures I was inspired by, followed by my own version. {and in comparing these pictures, I'm realizing that my phone actually takes better pictures than my camera so I may just start using it all the time...the pictures I got are not that great}

Pinterest Inspiration #1

Obviously my version looks very different but what inspired me was putting the pictures on the boards. My husband said "most people would just hang pictures on the wall!" :} The wood adds texture! 

Pinterest Inspiration #2

This picture inspired the ice cream idea! Scoop the ice cream into mason jars before the party so your guests can grab a jar and add their toppings! No mess during the party! Genius! And I'll use any excuse to use my cute blue jars :} This idea was a hit. I should have taken a closer picture but you can see the mason jars in the big bucket of ice down below.

Pinterest Inspiration #3

This picture gave me the idea of what to write on my chalkboard and to use my PEPSI tray! I was also planning to use fresh flowers because I think they add so much but I forgot :{ I love that pitcher too!

This picture is terribly back lit but this is how I used my tray. I love all the uses I get out of this thing!

Pinterest Inspiration #4

I read an article recently about the many ways kids act entitled these days. One example was that they expect goody bags at every party they go to. Here they are going to someone else's party, celebrating them and they expect a gift?! I realized it is a rather strange concept and decided I probably wouldn't do goody bags anymore...until I saw these adorable ice cream cone bags on Pinterest! {ha!} and thanks to Dollar Tree and 60% off sales at Michael's, I spent less than $2 on each bag! We had the actual bags and I made the ice cream cones out of scrap paper I have so all of that was free!

Originally I was going to have a fruit tray, veggie and hummus tray, and a couple dips but I decided to keep things simple {and cheap!!} and have an assortment of Brynn and Addie's favorite snacks! It was so easy! I made a few batches of Whirley Pop, got 2 kinds of pretzels, gold fish and cheez its and my mom brought watermelon. I know the kids were happy :}

 Yummy toppings. the kids really enjoyed these! {as did I!} I had originally planned to use small antique dishes to hold the toppings but I took this antique wooden tool box down from my mantel to make room for other stuff and thought I should use it and then realized my old root beer glasses from my grandma{which I LOVE} would work perfectly for toppings! I made the labels out of scrap paper, which matched the pennant banner in the living room.

A feminine little sign I made for the snack table. It's all in the details :}

Happy Party Planning!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{end table makeover}

After my Grandpa passed away 3 years ago, my family cleaned out his house. We were told we could keep any treasures we found. He had some furniture that looked and smelled bad {LOTS of dogs over the years and he smoked for years} but I tried really hard to see the potential and look at the structure, character and shape in some pieces rather than the condition it was in. Well, one piece in particular has become a gem to me. With a dust mask on my face, a power sander in my hand and a whole lot of patience, primer and paint...I took it from a beat up old end table to a fabulous addition to my living room! 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

{birthday fun}

Three of my four kids have birthdays coming up. July 30, August 6 and September 2. It can feel a little overwhelming to think of themes, carry those themes out and host 3 parties all within 35 days of each other. So I decided while they're still too young to care, I will combine Brynn and Adelynn's birthdays and do one party for them. Yesterday I started thinking about a theme for the party and it got me thinking about Pinterest. Now, before I continue let me just say that I do enjoy Pinterest. Maybe not as much as the next guy but I do think it's fun. I think it's a good place for inspiration and ideas. What I don't like about it is the pressure that comes along with it. People pin great things but then put too much pressure on themselves to make these pictures come to life and when they can't, they feel like failures. I believe God gives us each our own individual talents for a reason and I think Pinterest and other websites like it have gotten people thinking they should be talented in every possible way. If we all had the same talents, what a boring world we would live in, right?! 

I happen to really REALLY enjoy throwing parties for my kids but it's mostly for the decorating part of it. I don't enjoy, as much, baking cakes or cupcakes and I have learned to accept that this is just not an area I'm talented in. So instead of feeling defeated by that, I have chosen to bake {boxed} cakes and frost them in a very simple way and then dress them up with something I CAN do..creations using scrapbook paper! This takes the pressure off of me and lowers my expectations when I see these amazing hand made cakes on Pinterest.

I have successfully thrown at least 20 parties for my kids over the years and about 18 of those happened before I even knew what Pinterest was. So I would just like to say that you can throw a party all inspired by your own brain without the assistance of the internet :) And I personally think it's more rewarding to come up with my own ideas anyway. Hopefully this will give someone a big sigh of relief. If you aren't good at baking cakes, thinking of a theme or carrying it out...don't let the pressure of Pinterest make you feel like a bad mom. We all know kids go gaga for empty gift bags and balloons anyway and that doesn't take any talent. So just blow up a bunch of colorful balloons, decorate with empty bags {kidding}, buy a cake if you have to and your child will be happy happy happy!!!

I thought it would be fun to share a taste of my kid's parties over the years so here are a few lot of pictures. Enjoy.

Brynn's First birthday. Backyard bird/nest theme. 

Luke's third birthday. Transportation theme.

I made little roadways out of construction paper and made different forms of transportation, again out of construction paper. 

It's hard to see because this is on a mirror but I made a mini collage of pictures of Luke.

Here's an example of a simple cake, dressed up with paper :)

Addie's first birthday. Possibly one of my favorites. Bright color theme.

I did get this idea from Pinterest :) All about Addie.

Get creative with things you have in the house! I only have one cake platter so I made another one by turning this fun bowl upside down and using my every dishes for the rest, putting her cupcake on a pedestal using a mason jar.

I also suggest making things you can reuse. I made this striped runner {by cutting fabric} and I later made some place mats out of this fabric and burlap and they're great for birthday parties, Christmas, Valentines Day and 4th of July!

Brynn's fourth birthday. Circus theme.

Little gift boxes with pencils, candy, popcorn and a few other little things buried inside.

And see, I'm using the runner again!

Ice cream sundaes!

Luke's first birthday. Sports theme.

Peyton's 9th birthday. CHOCOLATE theme. 

{The girl goes coocoo for chocolate}

The girls each got to make their own sundaes and wow..did they go crazy!

Happy Party Planning!!

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